I have experience working in game design, motion graphics and digital campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Volkswagen, Samsung, Red Bull, MTv, and more. 
The global accelerator GameFounders allowed me to learn a lot about the game industry in a 3-month program with 50+ mentors from recognized companies such as Rovio, PlayStation, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Konami and Unity.
Besides, I work ad honorem as an organizer in the prestigious non-profit event TEDx and as International Ambassador at GDC (Game Developers Conference). 
Featured skills:
• Obsessive eye for art quality and results
• Team leader for commercial projects and non-profit events
• Huge background in advergaming working for brands like Coca-Cola
• Award-winning 2D and 3D animator working for artists like Katy Perry
• Experience self-publishing games of my own IP with local talented people
• 15+ national and international awards as animator, developer and game designer
• C#, AS3, PHP, HTML and CSS Developer with experience programming apps for brands like Cisco
• Experience working on massive experimental projects (mapping, games, short films, etc)
• Close relationship with local government, universities and independent communities of developers 
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